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Venus-Moon Conjunction: Third Eye Chakra

Moon Venus Conjunction Moon Venus Conjunction

Beloved Soul Family,

My heart is guided to write this with the sacred intention to bring balance to what is circulating in the collective ‘air-waves’ of humanity in these times where there seems to be such polarity, division, separation, extremism and socio-political unrest. 


Many of us feel disillusioned. We may feel uncertain and we are seeking Truth and inner Peace. We are concerned for our country, our community, our family, our friends and our beloved Planet. We are living during unprecedented times, and our world and country (USA) seems to be turned upside down!! Topsy-Turvy. Much like the Hanged Man in the Tarot, we are being called to look at things from a whole new perspective, to lift the veils of illusion to penetrate deeply to see the Higher Truth behind much of what is being shared and communicated around us.

We are being called to find the middle ground, to walk the ‘middle way’, to be neutral and to look deeply with the eyes of our soul, to be like a Bodhisattva, detached and viewing everything through the Heart of Compassion. We are also being called to discern what is really coming from Higher Truth and what is coming from Illusion and falsity.

There are many false ideas, viewpoints and theories floating around in the collective ‘air-waves’ that are not coming from a place of Higher Truth and Love. It seems as though the doorways to the astral realms are open and not everyone is receiving clear guidance from a Higher Light Source connected with God-Goddess All-That-Is.

We may be sensing this and asking ourselves what is REALLY going on? There is no doubt that all that is in the shadows is coming out to be transformed as we make this deeper transition into the Age of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, as Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

We are in labor now, feeling the birthing pains as we prepare to birth the New Earth and Golden Age of Gaia. Since everything we view around us is a reflection of what is within, we are being called to do this deeper inner work, to shed light in the darkest shadow recesses of our souls that we may be clear and connected to Source and living from a frequency of Love. From this inner work we are learning to discern what is true. We are called to marry the polarities within, the polarities of Light and Dark, Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine. All the outer conflicts are reflective of what needs to come into peace within us! We can do this. We can restore and transform our Planet now from the Inside Out and from our sacred heartfelt actions in the world, those actions that come from that deeper place of wisdom, truth and love; those actions that come from a place of serving and nourishing ALL life; those actions that are Spirit guided and from our Hearts!

Today, as I write this, Venus and the Moon have just joined together in Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother; our Holy Mother who brings us unconditional Love, who reminds us that we are each a precious Divine Child of the Universe and created from Love. In the 19 month Cycle of Venus this is the 2nd Gateway of her descent to the underworld and back again. We just began the New Venusian Cycle in late June as Venus began to rise as the Morning Star after being retrograde for nearly 44 days.

This second gateway today is the Third Eye chakra, which has all to do with Perception and releasing what ever is clouding our inner sight! It is a time to check in with our old perceptions, to release those outmoded beliefs, thoughts, views and opinions that no longer serve the greatest good of ALL so we can begin to look at the world with New Eyes and Clarity.

The gift of the third eye is Clairvoyance, which is the spiritual gift of being able to see with Clear Vision! The Third Eye is where we can See and Know Higher Truths, where we can see through the veils of illusion. It is the place of our Spiritual Sight. Right behind our Third Eye, in the center of our brain, is our Pineal Gland and the Gateway to Higher Consciousness, the Doorway to Source.

Through the awakening of our third eye we are able to awaken psychic vision, telepathy and a profound connection with Source, God Consciousness and with the Mystical Experience of the Divine. A closed or blocked third eye can lead to confusion, uncertainty, doubt, illusion, cynicism and pessimism. So as you can imagine with all that is circulating around in the collective ‘air-waves’ it is so important that we unveil and awaken our third eyes that we may see clearly what is REALLY TRUE.

Of course it is important to link our third eye and heart together so we are guided from both Truth and Love. (To help you awaken your pineal and third eye I have shared a link below.*)

Very early this morning I was guided to awaken and go outside to see and experience this Gateway of the beautiful conjunction of the Waning Crescent Moon conjunct Morning Star Venus. As I sat there, I prayed for the release of old perceptions that I have been carrying and I moved my hands back and forth over my third eye to begin releasing these old thought-forms. After I did this, I opened to receive the Codes of Light of Morning Star Venus and the Crescent Moon flowing in to illuminate my Third Eye and to assist me in this continued releasing and cleansing of my Perception.

You will still be able to see this gorgeous union of the Moon and Venus for the next day in the early morning sky, and even if you don’t get to see it visually you can tune in and feel this sacred union and call for it to assist you right now. You may want to journal what old perceptions you are letting go of that you may have clear sight.

Whenever you listen to an on-line video or audio, or whenever you read what a channel, light-worker, teacher or ‘expert’ has received and shared, to what a politician, friend, family member or any other person has shared tune deeply into your own heart. Open and expand your heart firstly, open your third eye, then connect with Mother Earth and with your Higher Self and Spiritual Source. Make sure you are aligned, grounded and calm. Then ask to be shown the Truth. Listen to your heart and your body. Listen to your inner voice and intuition. Pay attention to your doubts, feelings and trigger and probe deeper.

Ask yourself: Does this resonate as truth in every cell in my being?
Do I know who this person is?
Are they trustworthy?
Is what they are saying based in facts?
Does this person come from integrity?
Are they kind and compassionate?
Does it deeply resonate with me?
Do this person’s words line up with their actions?
Do their actions line up with their words?
Does this ring True deep in my Soul?
Is it congruent with what I know to be true deep inside?
Does what this person is saying create Oneness and Unity or does it create Separation?
Does it create a polarity of Light and Dark, Good and Evil?
Does this elicit fear and create triggers inside of me?
If so, what is at the root of this trigger?
Does it make me question everything I know deep inside to be true?
What is the vibration you feel emanating from this person? Is their energy clear, filled with light and connected to Source?
Does what they are saying support and nurture ALL life? Do I feel good, peaceful, comforted, filled with Love inside when I listen to or read this?
Do I feel a YES inside every cell of my being?
Do I Light up inside?
Does this inspire me?
Do I feel at peace?
Is this coming from LOVE and the Highest Good for ALL beings and our Earth?
Does this serve All Life and the next 7 generations and beyond?

Remember you are your own inner authority and it is important more than ever now for us to listen to our own inner sovereign knowing and to the wisdom and guidance of our Heart and Higher Self!

These are not easy times beloved friend, but we were born for these times and we have been prepared for these times every step of the way, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. We will make it through this together.

Remember we are not alone. We have the support of each other and so many spiritual and divine beings that love us dearly in the seen and unseen realms! Have Faith dear Soul. For even in the darkest of times, the light always returns. It has never really left us, for it dwells within us as our own inner Light, as our sacred Divinity. And this sacred Divinity exists within All life for those who have eyes and hearts to See.

I leave you with this prayer…

May I awaken to the Higher Truths of the Universe, to the Wisdom of my heart and the Great Mystery… May I become illuminated and filled with the Light of the Divine that I may see beyond all veils of illusion.
May I be connected to my Higher Self and my Divine Nature.
May I allow my Heart to guide me, my mind to inform me and my Holy Spirit to Illuminate my
entire being.
May I listen deeply to my own inner knowing and put no one above or below me.
May all my thoughts, words and actions be guided by Love for the greatest good of ALL Life and in Holy Service to Love.
May ALL beings awaken to their Higher Truth, to the Wisdom of their Heart and the Great Mystery…
May we become illuminated and filled with the Light of the Divine to see beyond all veils of illusion. May we ALL be connected to our Higher Selves and Divine Natures.
May we allow our Hearts to guide us, our Minds to inform us and our Holy Spirits to Illuminate us.
May all beings listen to their own inner knowing and put no one above or below them.
May all our thoughts, words and actions be guided by Love for the greatest good of ALL Life and in Holy Service to Love.
May we REMEMBER our Sovereignty Divinity and our Interconnectedness with each other and ALL life. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for!
May ALL beings be Blessed! May ALL beings be Blessed! May ALL beings be Blessed! Blessed Be! Blessed Be! Blessed be the Hearts of ALL! Blessed be our beloved Planet Earth!

In Lak’ech Ala’Kin: I am You and You are Me, We are One!

All my love flowing to you and all beings, Deborah El’elia Lovingly shared by Deborah El’elia Christos Tallarico 8/15/2020 Venus/Moon Conjunction in Cancer

"We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness" Thich Nhat Hanh

*A wonderful article about how to awaken your pineal gland can be found at:

*If your heart is guided please share this to help others in need. Thank you!

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